I don’t know about you, but in my opinion, a celebration is one of the best activities humankind invented, especially celebrating throughout autumn and winter.

Someone was brilliant about that; you have to admit. Someone with well-developed psychological skills and social awareness. Because celebration is in (almost) every culture!

When the sun is present less (okay, maybe it does not apply to the Southern Hemisphere), and the sweet summertime is over, different reasons to be happy show-up.

Weather is not everything

I love winter, but this fairy-tale winter where snowflakes fall gracefully, fluffy snow decorates trees and fields, the sky is baby blue, and the temperature oscillates around 0 Celsius.

In reality… well, it doesn’t happen often.

I believe, though, that everything starts in one’s mind. It’s like a li’l game of pretending and finding good things in the present situation.

Despite living in a country where the weather is not even slightly close to my perfect winter, I enjoy my time in the UAE. Dubai is amazing, with winter wonderlands and other activities for kids and adults. Streets, venues, and business places are decorated with winter-themed ornaments. Cafes and restaurants offer festive menus.

Let’s celebrate “Christmas” in bikinis! Why not? 😉

Money is not everything

Yes, many things seem to be easier when you have loads of money to spend. However, it’s because we’ve chosen it to be that way.

This year has been difficult for most of us, but it’s a good opportunity to change perspective. We should understand that less means more!

It’s completely okay to show love, appreciation, care without a small budget. Actions mean the most – more than words or money.

So if you’re temporarily broke, find an alternative way to make this festive season memorable for your beloved ones. Gift your time. It’s the most valuable, timeless medium of exchange we have.

Company is everything

This year I’m going to celebrate with a small circle of friends. Although I’ll be separated from my family by approx. 4,420 kilometers, I’m going to be happy. Maybe a little nostalgic, but definitely happy.

There’s no other right approach to uncontrollable. Besides, I’ll be with people I love. Even if it’s impossible to be with all of them, being with some is already a win.

Stay warm and happy! 🤟🏼


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