At some point in my life, there’s someone who loved animals, who I have loved, and whose passion opened my eyes to many aspects and dilemmas of the contemporary world, I couldn’t see before.

Love to one person can have a significant impact on another one to this point that, even when this love is gone, the passion stays in one’s heart.

They say that love can move mountains. My love, piece by piece, opened in front of me a totally new world, and finally brought me here – to the jungle, where I became more and more aware how to love absolutely, truly, properly.

This is a story about falling in love with a jungle, animals, simplicity.

On the way

Air way

Although I was aware that a 15h long trip on one plane without any break to inhale fresh air might sound like a horrific idea, I got used to it.

On an airplane, especially the company I work for, I felt like a fish in the sea. So not a perspective of the ultra long flight made me feel a little bit anxious, but the necessity to play a different role I usually do in this particular environment.

Even though I got used to spending hours on board of an aircraft, I didn’t feel totally comfortable with playing the role of a passenger.

One, being there in the character of a crew member, has more options to kill time. Passengers sit, try to sleep, stare at the small screen either one’s device or one attached to the seat with an onboard entertainment system if there’s any.

Surprisingly the time passed quickly. I studied Spanish, ate, read the news, slept, watched a movie, slept, ate, washed my face, brushed my teeth, watched another movie, slept, ate, studied, refreshed myself and then we landed. Wasn’t bad at all.

My next concern was that I’ll be sleepy and hungry once I land in Fort Lauderdale, but I wasn’t any of these things. I noticed, I was less alerted and focused however it was okay. Apparently, in this case, there’s no big difference between being a passenger and a flight attendant. Maybe I needed a little bit more time to perform things that usually are done by me quickly, still, I had that time.

My layover was only 6 hours long so I decided to spend it entirely outside. The plan was simple: leave my backpack in the luggage storage room, get to a beach, walk, chill, eat something healthier than snacks and sweets. As simple as that.

I couldn’t decide if I wanna revisit Las Olas Beach or go to Dania Beach. Dania Beach seemed to be closer and less touristy, so I thought I’ll give it a shot.

After dropping my bag off I called Uber. Waiting time was nearly 15 minutes and only 5 minutes of the ride in complete silence as my driver was Cuban, and I didn’t speak Spanish nor he English.

The weather didn’t encourage to swim or to sunbathe, but I got to spend a day outdoors, walking, breaking enjoyable fresh air. It’s an excellent idea for my short stay in Florida.

I headed back to the airport 2,5h before the expected time of departure of the plane to Quito. Once I got there, picked up my bag from the luggage store, refreshed, changed, and was about to check in my baggage, I got informed that the flight was delayed for 2 hours.

As I didn’t have many options, I decided to wait in the terminal. These few hours felt like ages but finally, I boarded JetBlue’s airplane and took off to my incredible adventure in Ecuador.

To be continued


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