Holi is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated every year. It starts on the full moon (Phalguna Purnima) of the spring equinox and lasts for two days. The celebration is determined by position and phases of the moon and sun so the date varies from year to year but usually comes in March, rarely in February. Although this year (2017) Holi is on the 13th of March, events in Dubai take place on the weekend before and the weekend after this day.


This is a cheerful time when people in India welcome spring, say goodbye to winter, have fun, laugh, feast, meet with family members and friends. They’re thankful for a good harvest and happy because, according to ancient stories, good overcame evil.

And they really and truly are! Even though a huge part of them live a tough life here in Dubai, they were joyful, positive and friendly. They’re smiling, dancing, taking pictures with me as well as posing to mine and smearing my face with dry color powder wishing me “Happy Holi”.


The festival isn’t popular only in India, Hindu culture or among Hindu communities anymore. It became a legacy of the world. People around the world participate in this beautiful, vivid and colorful celebration spreading thankfulness, love, and happiness. In the U.S. or in Europe we often know it as the festival of colors, sometimes they call it festival of love but it’s one and the same festival. It’s Holi.


Happy Holi!


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