Recent events in my home country got me thinking. Cogs turned in my head, working hard to come to one conclusion: what if one’s nationality was just like a relationship?

If one should dump a boyfriend who doesn’t meet basic requirements, one should be able to end or suspend, relationship with a country that doesn’t meet basic needs. Right?

But what land, borders, national anthem, emblem, flag, or language did to me or any of many disappointed Poles? Nothing. I still love them. At the end of the day, they have been humans’ victims. They have been used, abused, and betrayed – everything in the name of their glory.

Despite that, a country can’t exist without its people. And in the democratic system, the people choose their representatives.

So why did I decide to break up with current Poland?

The answer is simple: because of people. The people who are driven by hate, who discriminate, who use faith in a battle against their folks, who agree to violate fundamental human rights. The people who turn hatred into action, as well as those who don’t see anything wrong in attacking, hurting, segregating, and so on, others. The people, I’m ashamed.

For now, it looks like the majority of Poles who voted in the recent election has different values than I do. Even though I don’t think I would ever understand it, I have no other choice than to accept and move on.

So we are on a break, dear Poland. I hope the most important elements of you as a country will change soon for better, and the majority of the citizens will become your pride again.


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