Maya stood up quickly. There was something in his eyes that made her heart beat faster. Seemingly harmless gestures and words brought a wave of discomfort. Anxiety, chaos took over her mind. She proceeded to the kitchen, sort of on autopilot. Her body moved smoothly avoiding pieces of furniture.

“I told you, I told you, I told you,” the voice sang with unhidden satisfaction. “Look at him, look deeply in his eyes, and you will see… Madness!” The excitement of the voice and her own fear blended into one emotion so Maya couldn’t separate hers from the one belonging to… the other her. Was she scared or excited?
“Watch out! Feeear him!” The voice cried out. “Danger, daaaaanger is coming! Coooooming for you!” Words echoed in the girl’s head. She started quietly, soundless, whispering them.
“It sounds like a mad shaman!” Another voice, sweeter, friendlier, spoke up in Maya’s head, followed by a peal of a cheerful silver laugh.
The girl started giggling to finally burst into laughter. When the silver laugh has finished, she stopped as well, taking a deep breath to calm down.
“Run, run, run! You have to escape!” The first voice screamed, but its scream wasn’t authoritative anymore. It sounded like someone who lost the ground under one’s feet, someone who is afraid of losing previously owned power, panicking.
“Why?” The girl thought.
“He wants to kiiiiiiiiiiiiiill you!”

– Why? – Maya asked aloud.

– What “why”? – Tom gazed at her from behind the dining table, which he was dressing up.
The man’s eyes looked nothing but worried, his face expression confused, his body language revealed discomfort. The girl’s face flushed, ashamed of her strange behavior.
“Dear… We must have been acting strangely” The second voice noted bashfully. “Oh, poor man…”
Maya sighed. She put the knife down on a big, wooden cutting board, picked it up, then put it down again. She stared at the sharp blade, thinking, placed an index finger on the handle, and spun it. Her lips curved slightly in a smile. Maya looked up at the man smiling wider.
With her gaze fixed on the handsome face, she went around the kitchen countertop, moved a chair that was on her way, and stopped just in front of Tom.

  • I’m sorry… I’m quite lost in my mind – Maya confessed. – I was – she corrected herself, trying to catch eye contact with the man. – I promise I’ll be present now.

“The knife! You are holding a knife! Stab him!“ The first voice roared, urging.

Maya looked down to realize, that indeed she was holding the kitchen knife in her right hand. She made a face rising the arm.

– I better get back to cutting those sushi rolls – Maya winked at him coquettishly.

– Sure, babe – Tom patted her bum. Their eyes met. He had hungry eyes, she a little bit baffled – I’m starving.

Approximately 15 minutes later, everything was ready. Sushi rolls cut in prefect, even eight pieces per one roll, gari – Japanese pickled ginger, wasabi, soy sauce presented nicely in not matching plates and bowls. Maya brought her empty wine glass while Tom placed a glass of water next to his table and poured more wine to the empty glass. 

Maya rearranged the dishes and sat down, read to eat. Her stomach woke up, mouth started watering. She swallowed the saliva, took a sip of wine, followed by another, waiting for Tom to light candles.

– Ta-da! – He imitated a fanfare placing the last candle on the table. Maya clapped. – More wine? Yes, please – the girl slurred her words. – You are hot. 

– Here you are, princess – Tom chuckled gently topping up her glass. He sat in a chair on the other side of the table, watching her for a moment. 

– Thank you – Maya winked at him and sipped her wine. – Shall we… eat? – Her own words sounded dirty to her, so she began to laugh.

– You are a crazy girl – Tom laughed along, then paused. Although his lips were smiling, his blue eyes were deadly serious. – I like crazy. I’m crazy too.

The End


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