It has been raining a lot. Heavy rain and cloudy sky kind of match our current situation. Our moods. Our condition.

Yesterday was bad, today is worst, tomorrow… What will tomorrow bring?

World struggle with a great crisis on so many levels at once that makes it almost unbearable! We can feel discomfort, morale drop, but the truth is that, even if it’s not all up to us, we still have an impact on our lives.

I was in a great shock yesterday evening, needed the night, and those a few dozen minutes this morning when I opened my eyes to process.

Within several last days, many flights have been suspended. I was compulsively checking my schedule, wanting to know where I’ll get to travel next instead of those countries I supposed initially to. As per yesterday’s news, I know it now, for at least the next three months I won’t travel anywhere.

It’s a hard time for all of us. The pandemic itself and crisis that it caused undoubtfully affected the whole humankind. But the earth can finally breathe! Let’s try to find the bright side in this impasse. ?

Maybe you lost your job, maybe you work from home, maybe money is not an issue for you, but the lockdown feels like hell… no matter what, it is possible to remain positive. This is our chance to reconnect with nature, friends, and family, to learn some new skills, go deeper within the self. It’s our chance to become “more human”, kind humans, thoughtful humans.

Here is what I am gonna do

A blessing in disguise, I could keep my job, so technically, I’m not unemployed. However, staying home for longer doesn’t have a positive impact on my mental health and spirit. So I decided to create points that help me go through this new, strange situation.

  1. Daily Routine – I do believe that creating a daily routine helps. It is even more important in the present situation than it was before. I think every single one of us can benefit from implementing a simple daily routine and following it. ? Normally I would observe a typical day, take notes to create a good daily routine but in these circumstances, everything can be new, so you can as well just go for it. Create time for work, food, exercises, entertainment, nothingness.
  2. Skills development – I am going to do “my thing”, which is writing. Going to write more, and better as I finally have time to learn about writing. I’m using Skillshare to develop skills as well as learn one. My advice: find something you’re good at and make yourself even better at that!
  3. Old skill refreshment – I love traveling, love talking to interesting (and polite ?) people, but I miss marketing a lot! In the future, I want to go back to my previous profession. That’s why I’m going to spend some time refreshing and updating my knowledge.
  4. Skills gaining – Spanish… that little bastard… I always wanted to learn Spanish, I attempted to, I have never done. I recently started educating myself on investing so… It’s about time. ?
  5. Action plan – All these things can be supported by an action plan(s). More detailed and precise your action plan is, the better. Include target, goals, milestones, deadlines, specifications, descriptions… everything you need to make it work.
  6. Exercise – Don’t forget to move your body. Movement is good for your brain as well as (obviously) body. Create your own exercising routine, dance, use instructional videos, applications, try different workouts. There are many ways to exercise at home!

We can make it, just like Sun can break through thick, dark clouds, and desiccate streets wetted by rain. Sending love to y’all! ??


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